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#artisanresistance #localproduce #smallproducers #artisanfood #fooddiscovery #organicfarming #handcrafted #artisan #agriculturebiologique #organicwine #vigneron #vigneronne #winediscovery #artisanwine #purewine #organic #biodynamic #lowintervention #nakedwine #vinvivant

Ciavola Nera

Made in Italy


Location : Cosenza, Calabria


Products : Wine made with Mantonico, Malvasia, Guarnaccino, Gaglioppo and Magliocco Dolce


Value : Handcrafted


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Ciavola Nera Soc. Coop. is a small cooperative born with the intention of enhancing the Territory and its peculiarities, through one eco-sustainable development that preserves traditions on the one hand and is always attentive to innovations on the other. Create opportunities for work and networking, respecting the environment, the health of consumers and workers, are essential elements in ours operate daily. We consider each of our products, be it the bottle of wine and / or the jar of figs, the virtuous result of a virtuous work!


The story of Ciavola Nera is a sort of "return to the origins", in fact after almost twenty years spent in Liguria, Fabio Lento, current president of the cooperative, decides to return home to Calabria and start producing wine. Acquired i first rudiments from his father, oenologist, in 2015, he created a "Ciavola Nera" brand, which was born as a spin-off of the Luigi Farm Mazzei di San Marco Argentano, a company in which, even today, the cooperative continues to make wine in total autonomy.


After three years, in April 2018, "Ciavola Nera Cooperative Society" was established, which sees, among the founding members, in addition to Fabio Lento, also the brothers Alfredo and Enrico Duini, dedicated to the cultivation of the prized "white dotted fig of Cosenza". The meeting is not accidental, the three are in fact united by a deep friendship that dates back to childhood. Ciavola Nera immediately embraces the ideas of synergistic agriculture, an agriculture that is as sustainable as possible and that limits as much as possible mechanized intervention in the field, approaching it as a complex micro ecosystem.


As for the production of wines, the cooperative can easily be counted among the so-called producers of natural wines, even if aware of the fact that, to date, this definition is not easily decipherable and groups together, perhaps too heterogeneously, many producers. The grapes that are used in the winemaking come only and exclusively from Calabrian autochthonous vines: Mantonico, Malvasia, Guarnaccino, Gaglioppo and soon also from Magliocco Dolce; in fact, on 30 April 2021, half a hectare ad was planted sapling of this noble vine which has always been recognized as the most representative vine of Upper Calabria.


In the vineyard, no chemical fertilizers are used, however, the practice of green manure is widely used; while, as regards the
any treatments, only if there is a real need, sulfur and / or copper are used. As regards the cellar operations, fermentation takes place on indigenous yeasts and at an uncontrolled temperature; are not used
nutrients, filtrations and / or stabilizations are not carried out and the use of sulphites is very limited. All our wines are limited edition,
if not very limited, and their production is aimed solely at a niche market, made up of wine enthusiasts and / or lovers
natural and / or territorial.



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