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About is a project promoting eco sustainable products and offering the opportunity for professionals to order products made by artisan producers. By consulting its pages, you can access all the information about our producers, how we can help you with you order, and the consolidation and shipping of your orders.


Visit often our web pages and you will be constantly up-to-date on the new and seasonable product available.


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Are the products available in every countries:

No, it depend if the producer has an exclusivity contract and the producer will direct you to the importeror distributor agreed.

Wine import:

You will need an excise number and import license, if you wish to order wine or liqueur.

Can we order from Non-EU countries ?

Yes, however any authorization or custom cost is at your charge.

What is the cost of your service?

We charge 120 euro excluded VAT for the first pallet and 70 euro per extra euro pallet.

What is Artisan Resistance?

Artisan Resistance is a project promoting artisan producers and to be able to keep going with this project we have create a service of ordering and consolidation for retailers who are interested in ordering products from our project.

Are the products always available?

Not all of them, many of our products are of limited production, because they have small farms or vineyards and are only made with the producer's own raw material, there is also the seasons, the weather, the moon that can also impact the production of the raw material. 

"We don't promise sales to the producers and we don't promise products to the buyers"

Do you offer promotions?

We will showcase and offer our clients any promotions that are send to us by the producers.

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