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About is a project promoting eco sustainable products and offering the opportunity for professionals to order products made by artisan producers. By consulting its pages, you can access all the information about our producers, how we can help you with you order, and the consolidation and shipping of your orders.


Visit often our web pages and you will be constantly up-to-date on the new and seasonable product available.


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We showcase and offer produce made by farmers, winemakers and artisans who protect the ecosystem and stimulate the local economy

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Their guardians "the farmers" are some of the most inspiring people we know, they are friends of nature, friends of you and me. They are farmers, parents, career jumpers, and above all they are artists, discover their philosophies, and products with us.


We are privileged to spread the words and share the work, stories and passion of this inspirational and talented, farmers, winemakers and artisans to you.


food & more

We select and support only small producers based on their work ethic, ancient practices, and quality of their produce.


Organic, biodynamic food products from traditional producers, and other creative artisan products.

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wine & drinks

There is a whole generation vigneronnes and vignerons, who believe in wines made with minimal intervention, wines expressing their terroir and their passion.


We’re not looking for tasting specimens, but for wines that are great fun, and a great pleasure to taste.

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In order to build our project; Artisan Resitance also work as a facility service provider by offering authentic food and wines to delicatesse, wine shop, épiceries, Ho.Re.Ca and webshop.


The service include managing and consolidated your orders from the same country and shipped them to you in one single transport, this will cut down your costs and more importantly less food waste and carbon footprint.


​It is more about creating a connection between artisan and retailers in which we share the same points of view about good food & wines.

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